Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Treat Ideas: Goodie Bags and Popular Treats... annnnd the NOT so popular treats

"I don't know that there are real ghosts and goblins, but there are always more trick-or-treaters than neighborhood kids."  ~Robert Brault, www.robertbrault.com


       Halloween is majorly big in my house. From expensive costumes, to hoards of candy, we take this holiday pretty seriously. Shoot, I trick or treated until I was 21! True story! 

       So, now that I have 4 kids to do the trick or treating, there's no need for me to get dressed up and humiliate myself to satisfy my extreme sweet tooth. Now I'm the type of person who is grateful for everything. Even as a child, when I would get a handful of candy corn or peppermints (I abhor candy corn, oh and CIRCUS PEANUTS!!!), I would be thankful and think that maybe some people can't afford to get all fancy with the candy giving. My kids are the same way, to an extent... Honestly, it seems like people are giving out better candy than when I was growing up. Some people actually give out full sized Snicker bars! But if you're one of those people who give out the peppermint or cinnamon discs even though you can afford better, I guarantee you that your money will probably go to waste. Let's face it, Halloween only comes once a year and normal kids will only trick or treat for a limited time in their life. Don't we want to make it as fun and memorable for them as possible? Wouldn't it be nice to have the reputation as the "cool house with the best Halloween treats in the neighborhood"? If you really wanna make some kid's Halloween night, check out the cool things below that you can do to make the little angels (or devils) happy!

       First, I want to go over the candy that you might wanna skip buying this year. Now, not everyone is the same in the taste department, but splurge a little if you can. 


1. Jawbreakers and Fireballs: I have to tell y'all, even though I was grateful for everything I got on Halloween, I have to admit that my heart would sink every time I felt around my bag and felt the infamous shape of a jawbreaker. And I don't let my kids eat them either. They hurt!
2. Fruit: Now I'm all for healthy eating habits, but it's Halloween! It's once a year! It's up to the kid's parents to regulate the child's diet and maybe to allow a certain amount of candy that they can have at one time. Live a little! Unless you purposely give out whole apples to deter kids from wanting to stop by your home, skip the fruit.

3. Candy Corn, Candy Pumpkins, and Circus Peanuts: I think I would classify these in the same category- UGH! Most kids just don't dig these weird treats made of- I don't know what they're made of but it's not good, whatever it is. Please fight the urge to give these out. You will make a lot of kids and parents happy. :)
4. Mary Janes or that candy wrapped in orange and black wrappers: I, personally, love this candy, but I haven't met another kid who does. I know, I'm a special soul. My kids, and every other kid I come into contact with, throw these chewy candies at me because they know I'll eat them. I think I'd pass on this treat.
5.Hard Candy (i.e. peppermint, cinnamon, butterscotch, root beer barrels, etc.) I know you may be tempted to grab the economical sized bag of these you see in the grocery store to give out for treats, but resist this urge, as well. I still have some of these left over from LAST Halloween.


       So now that we know what NOT to give the kiddies this Halloween, here's a list of popular treats that will turn your house into the talk of the neighborhood!

1. Fun Sized or Full Sized Candy Bars: These are treats you can never go wrong with. Snickers, Kit Kats,  Butterfingers, Twix... candy bars are a great way to tell the neighborhood kids that you really care about them.

2. M&M's and Reese's Pieces: You can give these out full size or fun size and the kids will be elated!

3. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: Any variety. They have some good white chocolate kinds, too.

4. Nerds: My kids have always preferred the fun size so that they can just open a box and pour the whole thing into their mouths! It IS fun, especially if you drink a carbonated drink with them.

5. Tootsie Roll Pops: One of my kid's and my nephew's favorite treats. They really are delightful!

       Now that we have an idea of what is really popular with the kids, how about taking it a step further and creating some cute treat bags? These by far are my kid's favorite things they get in their Halloween bags. They love getting a little bag with a little bit of a variety in it.  Here's some cute ideas for how to make some fun, spooky Halloween goodie bags!

Halloween Ghost Peep S'mores

Source: mommyskitchen.net
Click here for instructions

Skeleton Treat Bag Labels:

Source: marthastewart.com

Click here for instructions

Coffin Treat Boxes: If you have the time and the funds, these would be really cool to make and fill with a variety of candy.

Source: marthastewart.com
Click here for instructions

Black Tulle Treat Bags

Source: goodhousekeeping.com

 Click here for instructions

Halloween Crackers:

Source: marthastewart.com
Click for instructions

     If you decide to make some goodie bags for trick or treaters this year, an awesome thing to throw in there would be a juice box or a "HUG" drink. Those kids work long and hard for their candy and they might get thirsty.

       I hope y'all have enjoyed this post and I hope that y'all have found it helpful. I'd love to hear your own ideas, too. Thanks for stopping by and make sure you subscribe so that you're always up to date on my posts!

~XoXo Jess


crystal said...

I know you are hating on hard candy but you know what is funny Sam actually thinks kids want the hard strawberry goo filled hard candies for Halloween he says they are good and thats what they would like. I try to explain the issue of grandma candy (the hard candies that you know is in everyones grandmas candy dish no matter if it is fresh or has that soft crust on it because its been in there a few good years) but it makes him happy so I dont burst his bubble. Every time we are in a Dollar tree around Halloween he picks them up and tries to get them for trick or treaters even if we get them I always make sure they get some better candies to go with it.Last year we gave out full size skittles starburst and big thing of bubble tape each kid received that so i think we did pretty good last year. Most likely we are not home to give out candy but to a few kids that come when its daylight out before me and my crew heads out for the night!

Jessica Scott said...

Wow i bet the kids were loving that candy! Lol and thats so funny about poor ol Sam! I actually love that candy too. Ew and that soft layer ur talking about is grotesque!!!

Growth Charts Galore said...

Do the marshmallows and/or graham crackers go stale when in the bag? I'm planning a similar project for valentine's day.