Friday, April 26, 2013

What's On Your... A Glimpse Into Who I REALLY Am!

"My life has been one great big joke,
A dance that's walked,
A song that's spoke,
I laugh so hard I almost choke,
When I think about myself."
~Maya Angelou


       I came across this lovely "Fill in the blank" sort of idea on an awesome
blog called Team Studer . I can't believe I never thought of doing something like this before! I usually try to be unique with my posts but I just couldn't resist this. Bloggers love to talk about themselves to some extent and I am no exception to the rule. So here is a little peek into who I really am... Thanks Team Studer for the inspiration. :)

What's on your...

Vanity~ I can't say I have a vanity, but I have a bathroom downstairs that I use as my powder room (and it's ALL MINE!!!). On the counter of the sink, I have a picture of my kids and my nephews together in a pretty, blingy handbag-shaped frame. I also have 2 pretty perfume bottles on it, and a jewelry holder in the shape of a vintage dress form. I'm quite a girly girl in the fashion and makeup department and my "powder room" vanity definitely reflects this.

Refrigerator Shelves~ Salad dressing of every flavor known to man, romaine lettuce, a half full (I'm such an optimist) gallon2% milk, leftover Pizza Hut pizza, Yuengling in a can, hot wing sauce (that I use for everything but hot wings), tortilla chips, and a 2 week old huge bowl of crawfish that my husband's boss gave us and neither of us knew how to eat so they're just sitting in there waiting to become fishing bait. (I've never had this kind of shellfish before and y'all can imagine my terror when I  slowly uncovered a foreign-to-me bowl in the fridge wrapped in aluminum foil, and there staring at me were the black beady eyes of 30 ill-fated crawfish.)

Itinerary~ I have tons of end-of-the year school functions I must attend (i.e 2 field days, award ceremonies for 3... You get the idea.) I also need to get around to a bunch of gardening and DIY projects before winter gets here.

Fantasy Itinerary~ Ahhh... Aside from my family, my fantasy itinerary is the most important thing in the world to me. I don't really consider it a "fantasy". It's what I'm GOING to do when the kids are all off to college. Greece, Italy, Australia, Antarctica (Yes you read that right. You can actually take a cruise there and step onto the continent during the summer seasons.), Galapagos Islands, France, Turkey, Egypt and my number one destination... Russia! I actually began learning Russian but that pesky thing called life got in the way. Plus I REALLY want to take my kids to the Everglades. They weren't with me last time and that is definitely a bucket list kind of place.

Playlist ~ Music is another thing that is very important in my family. We are always singing to something. I have quite the eclectic taste in music so prepare to be dazzled:
Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park, Slip Knot, AFI, Blink-182, Coheed and Cambria, Drop Kick Murphys, The Cure, The Crow Soundtrack, Kanye West (I only like 2 songs by him, don't judge), Florida-Georgia Line, Zack Brown Band, System of a Down, Jack Johnson, 311, Sublime, Bob Marley, AWOL Nation,Demi Lovato, Dave Matthews Band, No Doubt (my son Adrian was named after the drummer, Adrian Young), One Direction (Hey, I got 3 girls...Gimme a break!), Oasis, Muse, Backstreet Boys, Pachelbel (I have about 100 variations of Canon in D), Al Green and those are just a tiny few of what I'm listening to right now.

Nightstand~ My nightstand is currently in storage but if I had it, I would have a couple of Charles Martin books, a couple of Harlan Coben books, a pic of my kids, my contact case and solution, my phone, and this beautiful antique candelabra that I refinished. And probably an empty can of Coke. 

Workout Plan~ Running up and down my stairs all day cleaning and putting toys and clothes away, slaving over a hot stove, working my fingers out while scouring the web and blogging, and keeping my vocal cords in shape by screaming at the kids for not doing what I ask them the first time I ask.

Phone~ Almost a million pictures, almost 2 million songs, a hilarious video of my husband playing a fishing game on the Wii, every social media app you can imagine (some have 2 separate accounts), a beauty camera for all those selfies I like to take, and a picture of me with Harlan Coben (best writer in the universe).
Now it's on my blog too! My favorite author Harlan Coben <3
Top 5 List~ My son Adrian giving me eskimo kisses, watching The Andy Griffith Show almost endlessly in bed when it's raining, having Family Reading Night, Pinteresting, and hot Plantation Mint tea.

Bucket List~Travel the world, house a foreign exchange student, foster some kids, swim with dolphins in the wild, jump on a freight train to see how where it goes, read every book considered as "Fine Literature", sail a boat, fly a fighter jet (or at least ride in one), learn to surf, and take my kids to Ireland and Thailand so they can see where their ancestors came from. Oh there's so much I wanna do!

Mind~ Getting my kids through the remainder of the school year, and how I'm gonna get my nails painted when I go get a fill-in tomorrow.

Walls of your Favorite Room in Your House~ A big black and white picture of two camellias, my thermostat, my security system number pad, an old shutter for decorative purposes, 2 wall sconces, and hopefully soon... my T.V.

Liquor Shelf~ Yeungling, Yellow Tail Moscato, Jagermeister, Corona, and I really, REALLY want some Amaretto Di Sarrono for some amaretto sours.
Last Debit Card Statement~ Pizza Hut (x2), Ingles (it was a single bottle of Corona for Anthony), Wal-mart (mommy Mecca), Famous Footwear (4 pairs of shoes, oops), and Old Navy.

Screensaver~ Niall Horan from One Direction (I swear that was my youngest daughter Hannah's doing!)

TV Every Night~ Spongebob Squarepants, the Andy Griffith Show, and the old Twilight Zone. (I have a very old soul.)

       Wow, I really enjoyed that! Go ahead and do this as well and link to your post! I would love to see what makes everyone who they are!

       As always, I LOOOVE comments and feedback so feel free to leave one...or two!  Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss a post. Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous weekend!

~XoXo Jess 




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