Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Organize Your Style...

I have always had issues while shopping, with finding the PERFECT outfit. I usually have at least one kid with me as I do my shopping and that can make things a little crazy. I always go into a store like Ross and end up getting so overwhelmed with their expansive selection, that I end up walking out without a single shopping bag in tow. I seriously get a little anxious and claustrophobic! Well I have found a solution to this problem. Polyvore! This website is a busy mommy's DREAM! I go on the website, design an outfit down to even the hairstyle and it makes a list of all the items in my outfit. It tells the price of each item and where I can buy it off of the internet. I am an avid internet shopper, so this majorly convenient. However, if you don't wanna do your shopping on the internet, Polyvore makes it easier to compose outfits and find similar items in department stores. I don't know about ya'll, but it takes me FOREVER to make an outfit that includes shoes and jewelry, too. Click the link below and check out my Polyvore profile! You can also set up your own account and start building the outfits of your dreams.


Jessica's Fall II outfit

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