Thursday, September 6, 2012

2012 New York Fashion Week: Mommy Outfit of the Day!!

2012 New York Fashion Week

Gucci asymmetrical dress
$1,280 -

Yves Saint Laurent platform heels
$1,125 -

Clutch purse
$64 -

Yellow gold jewelry

American Apparel lip gloss

Elizabeth arden perfume

I'm so excited for New York Fashion Week! That means there are gonna be tons of fashion shows and such on T.V! So in honor of Fashion Week, I have come up with a snazzy (and expensive and something I will never be able to afford!) outfit! It's definitely not one of my favorites, but I kind of incorporated some of the trends of the season and I guess it came out alright. I think it's probably one of those outfits that looks better worn.


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