Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Sister is Still My Best Friend...

"Help one another, is part of the religion of sisterhood."  ~Louisa May Alcott


       I consider myself a very lucky girl. I'm not a rich girl, I don't have the career of my dreams and I don't get to travel to my hearts desire... no, what makes me lucky is the fact that I have an AMAZING sister. She and I were pretty much inseparable growing up. I think maybe sometimes I acted like I didn't want her around when we were younger, but it was all just a front. Us being inseparable, led us to being as close as we are today. I can tell her anything! And I mean ANYTHING! 

       I have been having some car trouble and was going to have to walk through the next best thing to the Amazon jungle to get my daughter from school. This is not an easy feat; throw 3 kids into the mix and it's a near impossible walk. I'm serious, there are kudzu vines EVERYWHERE. If you're not familiar with kudzu, it's these crazy ivy-looking vines that run rampant down here in the South. And it's not biased about who it decides to take out and try to imprison! So that's what I faced this morning (and barely made it out with my life) and again, this afternoon. Well I call my sister to vent and she offers to come and pick up my daughter from school! Now THAT'S  a best friend. People usually offer to help you if you need it, but then have a million excuses why they can't when you finally ask them. But not my sister Crystal. No sir. And she has 3 kids of her own, so doing things are pretty difficult for her too sometimes. Every mom needs a sister.

       Well, this girl and her kiddos won't be battling hordes of kudzu now and it's all because I have a sister who would do anything to help.  If you're reading this Crystal, thank you for always be there and I LOVE YOU!

-XoXo Jess 

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Crystal said...

Aww that's so sweet you about made me cry I never did notice this one post! You are welcome and whenever I can I will always be here to help!