Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pallet Furniture: Getting Creative With Wooden Pallets

"Thrift was never more necessary in the world's history than it is today."  ~Francis H. Sisson


NOTE: Sorry y'all, I'm in the process of moving so I haven't been able to stay too busy with my blog, but fear not, I will be back to my regular posts within the next two weeks! And I will be starting my G-BOMBS diet then too, so make sure you subscribe to stay up to date on that! Thanks for being understanding!

       There's something about creating that makes you feel more accomplished than just about anything else. Whenever I complete a project, I can't help but feel a sense of pride because I have actually completed something, and that I can show off my handiwork, and benefit my beautiful family. Lately, one of the most intriguing "creative mediums" to me, are pallets! Yes, I'm talking about those wooden pallets that you see in warehouses or behind stores by the dumpsters. I have yet to build anything from these but that's soon to change. With the help of Pinterest (tehe), I have discovered that building furniture out of these wooden blessings, you are saving money and creating some really cool, rustic pieces for your home! Believe me, the possibilities are endless! Here's some examples of what I'm ranting about:

1. Rolling Coffee/Outdoor Table: 

This table is versatile. You can either use it indoors as a coffee table or outdoors when you want to enjoy your coffee in some fresh air. 

Source: homedit.com

2. Pallet and Glass Coffee Table

OMG! I love this idea! Since I'm in the process of moving, now's a great time for me to start thinking about new furniture. However, after spending close to ten grand on furniture within the past 11 years just for the kids to destroy, I'm opting for frugal, DIY pieces. This is perfect.

Source: homedit.com
I wasn't able to find any official instructions on how to make this exquisite pice, but it looks like all you have to do is affix a glass top onto a a pallet, throw on some wheels or legs cut from blocks of wood to your desired height. 

3. Pallet Sofa

Here's a great sectional made from pallets! Another cool thing about using pallets is that the look is so custom. You can paint this any color you like and just slap on what ever cushions and upholstery you want.

Etapas de la fabricación de un sofá hecho con 6 palets y goma-espuma
Source: http://www.cuartoderecha.com

4. Pallet Front Porch Swing

The house I'm moving into has a fabulous covered front porch, so I'm totally getting a swing. I came across this today and you can even put some outdoor cushions on it.

pallet schommel geweldig!
5. Pallet Shelf

Here's another great example of pallets at their best. Dang, my entire house may just end up being completely furnished with pallets!

Source: http://amandacarverdesigns.com

6. Outdoor Hanging Bar

And the possibilities just keep on coming!

Source: http://www.hgtv.com
I've always wanted to build a bar for my entertaining days. I was astounded when I found this idea.

Materials and Instructions

       My taste for interior design is a mix between shabby chic and rustic. And upcycling pallets can be a perfect balance between the two. Luckily, my husband works for a company that always has tons of pallets. I can't wait to get moved in so I can start doing some pallet projects! If you've already beaten me to this awesome new trend, I'd love to see your pics! Don't forget to subscribe via RSS or email, and thanks for stopping by and bearing with me during this semi-stressful time! Oh and for those of you that are wondering, the possum will NOT be going with us. :) 

~XoXo Jess

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