Thursday, January 10, 2013

Finally...Internet: A Tale of Coming Out of the Dark Ages

"I have not failed.  I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."  ~Thomas Edison


       So, I'm sure my adoring fans have been wondering what happened to me. Well, the last few times that I posted, I was on way to a new life in a different part of the state. I must say, a lot has happened since then. NOTHING went as planned. The house I was moving in to had so much drama to accompany it that I had to move back in with the 'rents while I locate a new abode for my family and me. 

       Now one of the main reasons I started this here blog was to record the different crazy "obstacles" I seem to face on a daily basis. Being a mother of 4 kids is an adventure all it's own, but I have the worst luck of anyone I know. If I have a 50/50 chance of picking the right thing, I ALWAYS pick the wrong one. True story. However, instead of trying to fight it, I have embraced it. I laugh in the face of opposition and as the old cliche goes, when life hands me lemons, I most certainly make lemonade. Don't worry, this rambling has led up to the insane "obstacle" that decided to rear it's ugly head today.

       Today was the day my whole family was waiting for. The day the internet got connected. Surprisingly, the dude got here on time. I thought that was a good sign. Nope. Couldn't have been more wrong. The internet package that I had decided upon was supposed to be wireless. I mean, after all, we are a family of nothing but tablets and iPods. The darn internet wasn't wireless. No big deal, Mr. DirectTv assured me. He said he would just hook up the ethernet cable to the laptop and if I had a wireless router (which by some miracle, I do), I could just plug the ethernet cable into it when I wanted wireless. Well, the highly technologically advanced monster of a lap-top didn't have an ethernet outlet. Once again, I didn't panic. I rushed off in a fury searching for that wireless router. To no avail. I did, however, manage to dredge up my old dinosaur desktop computer. I breathed a sigh of relief and hauled it into the living room. Well wouldn't you know that Adrian decided to take apart the mouse? The ball was no where to be found. That was when I nearly gave up. But Mr. DirectTv had plans of his own. He stuck his finger in the mouse so that he could find the sensor and navigate that way. It worked. For like one minute. He just couldn't get it to go where he wanted because everytime he tried to take out his finger, the cursor would move.
       "I'd be happy to go to the nearest store (which happens to be a Dollar General) and get a mouse but it's about a ten minute drive to it." I interjected. That made Mr. DirectTv happy.
       That turned out being a 30 minute trip because the Dollar General store didn't sell them and I had to go to the CVS which seemed like a million miles away. CVS had one mouse left, it was wireless, and it was $30 bucks.
       I made it home, set up the mouse, and got my internet up and running. Mr. DirectTv was in quite good spirits considering the fact it took 2 hours to set up our internet. He said I had redeemed myself with the wireless mouse and he wouldn't go back to his co-workers and talk about me.  So here I am, doing what I love. I have missed this. And I hope I won't disappear again. :)

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~XoXo Jess


Crystal H said...

Wow you've finally made it back to us!

Jessica Scott said...

I know! I'm so happy! I hated not having the internet. It's like seriously living in the dark ages. Hope y'all had fun in Jekyll Island!

Anonymous said...

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