Friday, April 19, 2013

My Top 10 List of "Best YouTube Vids" of All Time (Kid Friendly)

"When people are laughing, they're generally not killing each other." ~Alan Alda


       With all the horrible tragedies happening in the world lately, I wanted to post something that will make people feel good. I am trying so hard to continue teaching my kids that there is still a lot of good in the world, but I'm starting to lose my own confidence in humanity. These past two weeks in metro Atlanta have been scary and now with all of this going on in Boston, my faith in people is slowly dwindling. But I can't let myself feel that way. I don't want to be cynical and bitter and mistrusting. And I definitely don't want that kind of attitude to rub off on my kids. Like I said, there is still plenty of good left in the world. With that said, I have come up with a compilation of my 10 favorite YouTube videos. I have laughed to these vids until I have cried and I have even forced people around me to watch them until they have done the same! So, let the laughter begin!

#1 Sweet Brown "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That"-

Oh. My. GOODNESS!!! I watched this way after it first came out and never could understand how I totally missed this before. The video shows Ms. Sweet Brown giving an interview for her local news station following a "far" (aka "fire", watch the video and you'll hear what I'm talking about) that broke out in her apartment complex. Someone (A PURE GENIUS!) remixed this interview and made one of the funniest things I've ever had the pleasure of watching. Enjoy!


#2 Super Model Falling While Walking the Runway-

I nearly died when I saw this one! I have never understood how some of these women actually function in the shoes and clothes they have to wear while trying to sashay down the catwalk. Well this is one woman who functioned as long as she could, until her ankles just couldn't withstand the height of the heels. Looks painful, but I don't think she was injured and hey, we all need something to laugh at right now!


#3 Kid Snippets: Drivers Ed-

Thanks to Pinterest, I discovered Kid Snippets. These are the cutest videos I have ever seen! My kids will sit there and watch them for a VERY LONG TIME. They absolutely love them! Kids are asked to describe a certain situation and then adults act out the situations, using the commentary by the children. Such a genius idea and the voices of the kids are heart melting! And this one actor Randy (he's the driver in this episode) is so adorable and talented that I can hardly take my eyes off of him. This is surely something the whole family will enjoy. 


#4 Dad at Electronica Festival-

So, there's a few things wrong with this scenario. Number 1- why is this guy wearing a fanny pack? Number 2- why is this guy wearing such high black socks? Number 3- why is this guy even at an electronica concert AT ALL? Number 4- what would possess him to dance? I feel sorry for this kid...


#5 Kid Snippets: Basketball Class-

These are just so cute and funny that I can't resist watching them at least once a day. In this one, a guy is trying to teach an uncooperative student how to play basketball. I love how kids think...


#6 Slap-Chop Commercial Remix-

Late at night flipping through the channels, I would always come across this guy named Vince with a New York-ish sounding accent, advertising Sham Wows and Slap Chops. He always struck me as the greasy used car salesman type and despite my good judgement, I would watch his corny commercials anyway. Then lo and behold, a remix of his infamous Slap Chop commercial surfaced. Imagine my shock! I always thought I was the only one who had ever paid attention to his goof-ball antics. Thank God I wasn't! Check out this great remix featuring Vince Offer and his handy dandy Slap Chop.


#7 Kid Snippets: Lunch

As you can tell I really enjoy these! Plus the fact that they are totally kid-friendly is awesome. This vid is about a guy who walks into a "Hot Dog Bun Store" and wants to get some food. However, he has a hard time finding his money. SOOOO adorable!


 #8 Beyonce Falls Off Stage-

It's always nice to see that A-List celebrities are just as clumsy as we normal humans are. She didn't get hurt so it's ok to laugh at this one!


#9 Baby Asleep Until Her Favorite Song Comes On-

This one is so stinkin' cute! In this one, a little baby girl is fast asleep until her favorite song "Gangnam Style" comes on. Then she's instantly awake. See, there's still good in the world...


#10 The Real Meaning of MPH- 

We all have those dumb moments. We always have the occasional brain fart. But THIS girl? She never understands how Miles Per Hour works. Such a simple question...such a LOOOONG complex response. And she's not even right! This one will make you feel good about yourself...


       And there ya go folks. Y'all are very welcome! I really do hope y'all find these as funny as I did. I think everyone should take some time out of every day just to watch or read something funny. Laughter really is the best medicine, as the old cliche goes. And if you want more, check out my two Humor Pinterest boards. Talk about hilarious!

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-XoXo Jess


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