Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Cleaning: House Cleaning Like a Boss...

"Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world."  ~Virgil A. Kraft


       Winter here in Georgia seemed to last a little longer than usual this year. It just started warming up to the seventies a couple of days ago, so I haven't been in much of a spring cleaning mood, plus the fact that I'm PMSing has added some extra laziness to my days. But alas! Spring has finally sprung down South! Now with that said, another obstacle has decided to put a hitch in my spring cleaning. Kids are out of school all week for spring break! But instead of letting that throw off my cleaning planning, I have decided to delegate some duties to my brood. Who knows, maybe we will be more productive than I am anticipating. 

       I have been scouring Pinterest and the Internet like crazy to come up with the perfect cleaning plan-of-action. We have only been living in our new home for a couple of months now, but that doesn't mean it hasn't had time to accumulate some dirt and dust bunnies. On the contrary, it has gotten dirtier than I thought it would. So go ahead and feel free to check out these great plans to get your house sparkling like the beautiful spring sunshine. 

1. Quick and Easy:

       Here is a nice list with some click-able links to get you started in your spring cleaning regimen. I really feel like spring cleaning should be something you put a lot of effort in to but that doesn't mean it has to take you days to complete.

Floor to Ceiling Guide to Spring Cleaning


2. Spring Cleaning Checklist:
        If you are familiar with my blog, y'all know that I am a list-making chica. I love lists! I really do get a little tingle in my tummy anytime I come across a good one. So check out this one I found on Pinterest to help you keep track of things you've done and things you still need to finish. 

Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist 


From: via Susan Lincoln (jordansmom77)

3. Spring Cleaning Products:

      Our new home has a beautiful set of stairs leading up to the second floor. HOWEVER... aside from me falling down them on nearly a daily basis (no joke), it's quite a pain running up and down them all day. When my husband and I are upstairs relaxing, and one of us wants something from downstairs, we always try to get eachother to go get it. These stairs also makes cleaning a pain in the booty. So the easiest thing to do is to keep a bucket of cleaning materials upstairs as well as downstairs. Having two vacuums helps too. One for upstairs and one for downstairs. Here's a list of products that will help get your house its cleanest:

- bucket: keep all your cleaning shiznit in this and it also doubles as a mop bucket. Just rinse before you put your cleaning products back in after mopping.

- all purpose cleaner: cleans almost every surface but double check the label.

- powder cleanser (i.e. Comet) I swear by this stuff for anything porcelain or stainless steel and chrome fixtures. Also works wonders on those plastic builder's tubs. Just make sure you rinse VERY WELL because it likes to leave behind a chalky residue. Make sure you read the label.

- scrub brush: great to use ffor stubborn stains in the tubs, sinks, tolets, and floors.

- reusable cleaning cloths: If you;re like me, you go through a lot of paper owels while ckeaning. I preder to use paper toels for cleaning glass but cloth works better on dust.

- glass cleaner: I use glass cleaner for just about everything. A good tip is while cleaning windows, is to clean the inside glass horizontally and the outside glass vertically (or vice versa). If there's any streaking, you'll be abloe to tell which side it;s on.

- vinegar and baking soda: has tons of uses. Check out these links to see what this power duo can do:
Naturally Clean with Vinegar
Great Things to do with Baking Soda

- paper towels: a must have for any cleaning caddy.o get you started

       Now this is just a little boost to get you started.

       Ok, so part of the reason why I started this blog is because I always have crazy things happen to me. As I was writing this post, my 3 year old son came upstairs to me, crying hysterically. After much coaxing, he finally told me what was wrong. He said he stuck a penny up his nose! I immediately lost my mind for a second. I looked up his nostril and saw something shiny and started freaking. How he got a penny up his little nose never even occurred to me. I immediately called 911 as his nose started bleeding. Two of my daughters then began freaking out as well. Right before the ambulance arrived, he told me that it was actually a bead. The paramedics gave his nose a good looking over and came to the conclusion that it had already passed through his nasal passage and went down his throat. Looks like I'll be searching through his #2's for a couple of days...

       Now back to the cleaning. Please check out my "Clean House" board on Pinterest for some more valuable cleaning tips and tricks. "Clean House" Pinterest Board 

       If you have some of your own, I always welcome suggestions. Also, don't forget to subscribe to this here blog so you stay up to date with my crazy stories and tips. Thanks for stopping by!

-XoXo Jess

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