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5 Family Friendly Spring Break Vacation Destinations

"We hit the sunny beaches where we occupy ourselves keeping the sun off our skin, the saltwater off our bodies, and the sand out of our belongings."  ~Erma Bombeck
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       Ahhh, it's that time of year again. Kids are out of school, college kids clog up the interstates heading for the beaches... Yes, I'm talking about SPRING BREAK! Down here in the south, it is a tradition to hit Panama City Beach, Florida if you're a college student, but I've been there as a teen, and I must say, it isn't my idea of a family friendly environment. I'm sure there are places to take your family there, but I'm not really interested in my children seeing a bunch of under-age drinkers stumbling around and getting into fights at the beach. Ok, so growing up has turned me into a bit of a cynic, but I want my kids to have fun not become traumatized. (Keep in mind, I'm PMSing haha...ha)
       So I have done one of the things that I do best (scour the 'net), for some ways to keep your kids innocent this spring break. Now keep in mind, these suggestions aren't all super cheap but I wanted to throw in some variety in the event that you can afford to go a little crazy this year. 
#1- Atlantis Resort, Bahamas: 
Totally out of my price range this spring break but that doesn't mean I've completely written it off for future vacays. Definitely on my family bucket list.
Atlantis Resort

For the next 12 days , Atlantis Resort will also be offering a spring special. Prices start at $199 per night with a $300 instant airfare credit on a 6 night stay. Click the link below for more information:

#2: Orlando:
 According to, Orlando is the #1 place for family-style spring break. And it's no wonder! Orlando is PACKED with family friendly things to do! Of course there is Walt Disney World and Universal, but there's more to Orlando than that! You can find events just for spring break, also. Click the links below to see what all Orlando has to offer:

Orlando Spring Break - Beauty and Beast at Disney World

Picture above from:

#3 St. Simons Island, Ga

       Now if you're fortunate enough to live in the South, you may have heard of St. Simons Island. This is where we have been vacationing for most of my thirty years of life. It started when I was a baby and now it's where I take my kids. This place is the epitome of laid back, coastal living. The spanish moss hanging from the live oaks are reason enough to keep returning year after year. I have only been here for Spring Break once, but it's a great place to take the kids. 
       We always hit up the alleged haunted lighthouse which sustains breathtaking views of the Atlantic. Still have yet to see a ghost though. The stairs are a little steep so make sure you hold on tight to little ones hands. And there are quite a few of these steps. But the view at the top is well worth it. It's also home to a small museum showcasing some cool artifacts.

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Saturday 10a.m. - 5p.m.
Sunday 1:30p.m. - 5p.m.
Last climb 4:30 p.m.
$10 for Adults
$5 for Ages 6-11
No admission charge for CGHS members and children under 6
       We also frequent the pier in the village. It's free, unlike the one on Tybee Island. It's an awesome place to take kids, (just keep a good eye on them), because of the different sea faring creatures that are caught. Last vacation, a man reeled in a HUGE sting ray.  The kids were really excited. You can also rent your own crab cages or fishing poles at the local bait shop a few yards away from the entrance. 

       I could honestly talk about this place all day so go ahead and click on the link for more information:

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#4 The Everglades: 

      I've been here as well so I can say that I actually know what I'm talking about on this one too.  Aside from St. Simons, taking this once in a lifetime vacation was definitely my favorite. In my opinion, the best camping for families in the Everglades would be Flamingo. It's at the most southern part of mainland Florida and it's AMAZING! The place where we camped was a once-marsh-turned-into-campsites. And it's right beside the ocean! We woke up to dolphins playing near the shore every morning. There's also a movie screen where they show some good nature films. And there was tons of wildlife of course. Manatees like to hang out at the marina, there's bald eagles, and what would the Everglades be without the almighty alligator? Saw TONS of them. Click the link below to plan your trip to the Everglades!


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#5: the Florida Keys: 
After we hung out in the swamps for awhile, we would leave to check out what the Keys had to offer. The beaches are like you've never seen before. The water is so pristine and blue, it's breathtaking. There are tons of things to do on the Keys, as well. They have quite a few places where you can swim with dolphins, which is cool. Also, make sure you make a trip to Key West and get your families picture taken with the famous 90-Miles-from-Cuba buoy. Believe it or not, that buoy is what fueled my trip to Key West.

Browse all Key Largo Attractions
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       So there ya have folks! Some of the best family spring break vacations, at least in my opinion. Please let me know if you have any more family friendly vacation ideas! Thanks for stopping by and may you all have a fun and safe spring break!

~XoXo Jess

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