Saturday, May 4, 2013

Keep Our Kids Innocent: Ban Vulgar Rap Music

"Never act until you have clearly answered the question: "What happens if I do nothing?"  ~Robert Brault,


       I have been getting more and more disgusted with music these days, among other things. I'm not a prude by any means, but what I listen to I don't necessarily let my kids listen to. My mind is mature and not nearly as impressionable as little kids'. Now that's not saying that I listen to horrible music, but Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot doesn't always have the best subject matter. Therefore, I pick which songs from them I let my kids listen to. (None of Slipknot, by the way.) 
      This intro was building up to my disdain for today's vulgar rap music. The rock that I do listen to doesn't hold a candle to the degree of vulgarity that some of today's rap is known for. And it seems that the more vulgar, the more kids like it. I'm not just picking on the genre because I don't like it. I have seen first hand how it makes kids act. I have always lived in areas where rap is the main music of choice. You can hear it blaring from people's car radios at red lights and gas stations, just to name a few. What gets me is that people will go in to pay for their gas and actually leave their car on, risking a car jacking, just so they can continuously blare that crap! What is the point of that? Why not pause it? Do they think they are impressing people. Well, I'm sorry but I don't think my kids should have to be exposed to that just on a routine trip to the store. 
       What gets me is that these rappers, (I can't justify calling them "artists"), don't believe they should be held responsible! If you are in anyway contributing to the demise of our youth, you are responsible. Nicki Minaj was on Ellen one day. When asked about how she felt about her young fan base and the vulgar lyrics of her songs, she said that she's not their parents. She got a huge round of applause for that. Well, I am my kids parent. And I don't let them listen to profane music, but not all parents are like me. No, some parents don't give a flying fart. Especially in my neighborhood. So what does that cause? It causes these elementary school kids to go to school singing these vulgar lyrics. That, in turn, exposes my kids to it. 
       It's heartbreaking. Kids these days are exposed to more than they should be. I see young teenaged boys walking down my street, sagging their pants, listening to a pair of those now popular huge earphones, singing along with Lil' Wayne or Drake or Gucci Mane and they look so ridiculous. Now I'm not judging. I'm not saying they will grow up to be losers. But I see the adults around here that listen to the same crap and they are losers. They let their babies listen to what they listen to. They are dealing drugs for the whole world to see. They smoke weed right outside like they don't have a care in the world. They just don't care! So it makes you wonder if that's how those teenaged boys are gonna turn out. And that's just in  MY neighborhood. 
       People don't understand that when you listen to negativity you begin to be negative. You think and act negatively. My husband doesn't agree with me on this whole rap thing. But I asked him if these kids listened to positive, uplifting music or even classical, would they be as apt to pull a gun on someone? I don't think so. Our brains are always soaking in information. Even when we don't realize it. It's just like if a child is given nothing but bad feedback in the way that they act, chances are they are gonna either be withdrawn or they will begin to act out.
       I can never seem to get my point across on this issue because I get so worked up about it. But I would love your feedback. If you agree or disagree with me, I would like to open this subject up for discussion. If you do agree with me, I implore you to sign my petition to have something done about this music. There has to be a line drawn. If the President can modify our right to bear arms, then our freedom of speech can be modified. I mean, you can't go around threatening to kill people without paying some consequence for it so freedom of speech is already a bit of an illusion. Click the link below to sign:

Keep Our Kids Innocent

       You can also write the White House. I did.
Write the President 

       These kids deserve more than this. We have to be diligent about keeping them kids. We have to be their voice. Especially the teenagers. If you would like an example of some of the crap that is being produced today, look up Lil' Wayne's "Alphabet B*#%hes". It seriously makes me sick.

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~XoXo Jess
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