Friday, August 16, 2013

BzzAgent is a Freebie Lover's Dream Come True!

       I have been trying out different sites where you use your influence to gain freebies for review. The first one I joined was Influenster, but after months of being a part of this program and not making much progress, I decided to look for some more sites like this. And I found what I think may be the Holy Grail of survey/freebie sites. (Sorry but I don't know the official name for these sites.) It's called BzzAgent and it's AWESOME! I have only been a BzzAgent for less than a month and have already been invited to 2 "campaigns". A campaign is a product or service that BzzAgent is highlighting. For example... I was invited to the NERF Rebelle campaign. The NERF Rebelle line is NERF products made just for girls! For accepting the invitation, I received a FREE, completely FREE, NERF Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow for my girls to try out. Once you receive it, you just complete the activities that go along with that item, such as posting on Facebook, writing reviews, posting on Twitter, etc. If you do all the activities and you do them well, then you are more apt to get invited to more campaigns. In fact, I got invited to the "Quaker Back-to-School Snack Basket" one just this morning! I'm going to be receiving cereal, cereal bars, cookies, and rice cakes! The freebies you get ain't no joke!

       If you do decide to sign up, all you have to do is fill out surveys. Check your account everyday to see if you have any new ones. The more up-to-date you stay with your survey, the higher your points go up. Their point system is between 0 and 10. The more active you are, the better your chances of being invited to a campaign is. It's totally worth it and it's not intrusive. You can also connect your Kroger card to it to receive some great deals! I really urge all of you to join this site! It's AWESOME!!!!! Here's the link:

       Thanks for stopping by and if you do sign up, I'd love to hear about your experience! Comments and questions are always welcome and appreciated. Oh, and don't forget to click the banner to the right to vote for me! Have a fab weekend!

~XoXo Jess
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