Sunday, July 21, 2013

Angry and Abhored: Today's Society is Horrible

       Six days ago, my family was violated. I was upstairs taking a much needed nap from my chronic headaches, when my daughter Savannah came into my room and said, "Mommy, some man just peed in our front yard and Hannah saw him holding his pee-pee." (aka penis) Hannah is my 8 year old daughter. Now I have to explain the setting of our neighborhood so you understand what we have been dealing with. I live in a predominantly black neighborhood. In fact, my family may be the only white family in the subdivision. Now, I have lived in culturally diverse areas of Georgia my entire life. I was always the minority and I never cared 'cause that's what I was used to. In fact, when I moved out to Jackson (the country part) I had major culture shock, and it was because of all the white people that are here. I know it sounds crazy, but it made me uncomfortable to be around so many white people, and I'm white. So anyway, my family and I decided to move to a more urban part of Jackson, which was right in town. I hated the seclusion of living in the country and the lack of social exposure that came along with living on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. I loved my townhouse. It was beautiful and our neighbors were cool. The fact that we were once again a minority didn't bother me, and my daughter Hannah, became best friends with the little girl next door. They would have sleep overs, my kids would spend the night with her family, and she would spend the night with us, too.
       So back to the situation at hand. A guy around 18 or 19 had walked to the front of my car, faced our front living room windows, where the blinds were pulled up, pulled his pants down, and urinated in our grass. Our yard is tiny. Like 9 feet by 6 feet.
       After I confirmed what my daughter said Hannah had seen (and I asked her a good 5 times about what happened so that I wouldn't be making any false accusations), I decided to go next door to confront the guy who had done this, so that I could point out the right guy to the police. My daughter pointed the guy out to me and I asked him if he had done what she said. He denied it. I walked off and he said, "F**k you, cracker." I was mortified! He turned it into a race thing! So I went in and called the police, before the guy had a chance to leave and once the cops arrived, all hell broke loose. All of his thug friends (and they are thugs) started pouring into my yard,calling me names, saying I only did it because he was black. They were calling me and my kids liars and racial slurs. Then his mom had the nerve to come over and call my daughter a liar, saying her son was going into the navy and blah, blah, blah. She even had the gall to tell me to get my "white ass" inside when she was in MY yard! After she left my property, she proceeded to call the cops again. The cops didn't even know why she called them. Anyway, I spent an hour with cops coming in my yard and young men coming in my yard, before I was finally able to leave. I knew we had to move at that point. The cops were even too scared to get them to stay off of my property. The first one that came out was shaking! Anyway, I got my expensive stuff out of the house and me and my kids headed over to my moms until my husband came home. We went back over there to get my cat and some clothes and left. Two days later, I went back over there to get our mail, thinking things had calmed down enough to go alone, and someone had broken into our house. They busted the front windows and stole the refrigerator, the stove and my microwave. I went ballistic. How dare those idiots come into my home. It wasn't even that they stole anything, it was that they had been in my home, where my family and I made memories! They violated my family! I went back outside and didn't hold back anything. I screamed at anyone who would listen! The cops came back out, got some great finger and foot prints, and I went back to my moms. Not only was my family treated like crap, but I feel like we were the real victims of racism. Racism isn't one sided like some may think. I have lived in the south my entire life and I've seen it all. I'm not racist, my kids are not racist, but these people in my neighborhood was. They were so quick to pull that race card, when I did what any responsible, protecting mother would have done, no matter what the race. I am now in the process of writing to every authoritative figure that I can think of to have something done about that neighborhood and the way I was treated by the cops. They never would make those guys get out of my yard, and one even implied that my daughter was lying. My family had to leave a neighborhood because we were ganged up on and intimidated. Our rights were violated and I will make sure something is done about it. All this, because I wanted to protect my kids.

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